Siji Soetan & Co provide the following services

(i) Advice and consultancy on Traditional and Production Sharing Contract joint venture relationships as well as on the terms and conditions of grants to indigenous operators in the upstream sector;
(ii) Advice and consultancy on the terms and conditions of Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) between operators and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), farm-in/farm-out contractual arrangements of all types including marginal fields.
(iii) Advice and consultancy on oil and gas taxation – petroleum profits tax, and other legislation having a bearing on taxation;
(iv) Preparation of and advice on petroleum service contracts e.g. drilling, pipelines and platform construction contracts, aircraft (fixed wings and helicopters) leasing/operating agreements, bare boat charters (barges included) and operating agreements; seismic contracts, oil servicing contracts, and the like.
(v) Advice on land acquisition (including pipeline wayleaves) and  effect of  the Land Use Act compensation processes; community demands and project, etc; 
(vi) Advice on environmental protection legislation requirements:- E.I.As and State Governments Environmental laws;
(vii) Advice on upstream petroleum regulations;
(viii) Advice on the provisions and interpretation of the Petroleum Act and its pieces of subsidiary legislation – Oil Minerals (Safety) Regulations, Petroleum (Drilling and Production) Regulations, etc; 
(ix) Advice on legislation relating to products storage and marketing – downstream activities.