• Siji Soetan & Co can help with

    (i) Banking: preparation and perfection of relevant forms and securities, loan agreements, equitable and legal mortgages, recovery of debts, equipment leasing, etc.

    (ii) Advising – on all aspects of corpo….

  • The firm has provided quality legal and tax advisory opinions to 

    1. Chevron Nigeria Limited
    2. The Sponsors of the West African Gas Pipeline Project
    3. N-Gas Bermuda Limited in respect of its proposed gas purchase agreement in Nigeria.
  • Siji Soetan & Co., is able to provide quality representation of our clients in –

    (i)  in the superior courts – State and Federal High Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court; 
    (ii)  in arbitration and conciliation proceedings.
  • Siji Soetan & Co provide the following services

    (i) Advice and consultancy on Traditional and Production Sharing Contract joint venture relationships as well as on the terms and conditions of grants to indigenous operators in the upstream sector….