Corporate and Commercial Advisory

A Professional Approach to Corporate and Commercial Advisory

Siji Soetan & Co can help with

(i) Banking: preparation and perfection of relevant forms and securities, loan agreements, equitable and legal mortgages, recovery of debts, equipment leasing, etc.

(ii) Advising – on all aspects of corporate law practice including  reconstruction, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency and winding-up and recovery of debts;

(iii) Many aspects of corporate activity – incorporation of companies  (foreign firms seeking to do business in Nigeria included) – preparation and filing of statutory returns and documents at the Corporate Affairs Commission and other company secretarial function 

(iv) Foreign investments and joint venture packaging, offers for subscription, sale of shares and businesses; 

(v) Capital issues, Public offers of sale of public and private companies

(vi) Advice on company law, labour and trade union laws, collective agreements, human resources issues, employment contracts, etc;

(vii) Copyrights, trademarks and patents – protection and dispute resolution;