Oil and Gas Law

Unparalled Experience in Oil and Gas Law

We provide the following services;

(i) Advice and consultancy on Traditional and Production Sharing Contract joint venture relationships as well as on the terms and conditions of grants to indigenous operators in the upstream sector;
(ii) Advice and consultancy on the terms and conditions of Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) between operators and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), farm-in/farm-out contractual arrangements of all types including marginal fields.
(iii) Advice and consultancy on oil and gas taxation – petroleum profits tax, and other legislation having a bearing on taxation;
(iv) Preparation of and advice on petroleum service contracts e.g. drilling, pipelines and platform construction contracts, aircraft (fixed wings and helicopters) leasing/operating agreements, bare boat charters (barges included) and operating agreements; seismic contracts, oil servicing contracts, and the like.
(v) Advice on land acquisition (including pipeline wayleaves) and effect of  the Land Use Act compensation processes; community demands and project, etc; 
(vi) Advice on environmental protection legislation requirements:- E.I.As and State Governments Environmental laws;
(vii) Advice on upstream petroleum regulations;
(viii) Advice on the provisions and interpretation of the Petroleum Act and its pieces of subsidiary legislation – Oil Minerals (Safety) Regulations, Petroleum (Drilling and Production) Regulations, etc; 
(ix) Advice on legislation relating to products storage and marketing – downstream activities.