An Innovative Approach to Taxation

Siji Soetan & Co

(i) The firm has provided quality legal and tax advisory opinions to 
(a) Chevron Nigeria Limited in respect 
(i) Gas-To-Liquids Project 
(ii) Olokola Liquefied Gas Project 
(ii) The Sponsors of the West African Gas Pipeline Project. Siji Soetan & Co., after registering the West African Gas Pipeline Company as an external company has acted as its primary legal advisers.
(iii) N-Gas Bermuda Limited in respect of its proposed gas purchase agreement in Nigeria.
 (iv) The firm represented Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Guinness Nigeria Plc and Texaco Overseas Petroleum Company Nigeria Unlimited in respect of the Lagos State Government’s Land Use Charge Law.  Siji Soetan & Co was the only firm that obtained an interim injunction against the Lagos State Government (which directly led to the decision of the government to enter into negotiations with the organised private sector).     
Body of Appeal Commissioners
(v) The firm represented Gulf Oil Company Nigeria Limited (now Chevron Nigeria Limited) before the Body of Appeal Commissioners in an appeal against the refusal of the tax authorities to allow deduction of commissions by the CBN.
 (vi) The firm also represented Chevron Nigeria Limited, and ConoccoPhillips Nigeria Limited before the Body of Appeal Commissioners with respect to the refusal of the Federal Board of Inland Revenue to amend its tax assessments for the reserves addition bonuses claimed by these companies.  Siji Soetan & Co., saved ConocoPhillips over US$3 million in these proceedings which are now on appeal to the Federal High Court.  
High Court
(vii) Siji Soetan & Co., represented Chevron Nigeria Limited in respect of claims of unremitted tax in respect of gratuity and other beneficial payments made to its employees under it Home Ownership Scheme.  Case was settled out of court.
Court o f Appeal
(viii) Siji Soetan & Co., successfully represented Chevron Nigeria Limited up to the Court of Appeal with respect of the refusal of the tax authorities to allow deductions of commissions charged by the Cent.